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Stand out. Be trusted. Boost your SEO…

PR, done properly, does all of these things by exposing your brand to the masses via third party publications that by the very nature of their independence, validate that you are a credible organisation.

You could spend more and more marketing pounds on Google ads, Facebook targeting, radio, print ads, TV and outdoor. This approach though is an expensive endeavour and the public are worldly wise in knowing that paid ads, even the great ones, are contrived and 100% partisan. Consumer fatigue is another way of putting it. Negative ROI is another.

Any well-thought marketing strategy will include PR as a support to conventional marketing. But it’s my view that property PR is not just a support channel but a vital frontline tool, essential in gaining cut through, more traction and in building natural search ranking defensibly. Especially as, otherwise, Google will simply take most of your money in Adwords costs.

Blog Articles

A Smashing September

A Smashing September

848 is our new lucky number. Why? because that's the number of times our clients were mentioned in the media in September - and it's another Properganda RECORD (yes, we'd be out celebrating if it were not deemed somewhat inappropriate to do so right now - but it'll...

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A Hot, Hot Summer…

A Hot, Hot Summer…

It's been a hot summer for us and our clients 🔥. 485 pieces of press coverage secured in August across print, online and broadcast media. September has been a busy month already, we've picked up 185 pieces in just three days 🤯, including: - - Sky News TV (Ian King...

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We Hate To Boast But…

We Hate To Boast But…

We hate to boast but… wait, no, we do like to boast. That’s pretty much what we do albeit usually for other people 😉 So, we should tell you about June. A month embedded between crisis and recovery and that by rights, if it had been ordinary in terms of business...

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The working from home trend has caused rents to fall across the UK's least affordable cities according to the latest research by @HelloHowsy.


We don't just PR property 😉

The latest research by @its_yoppie has revealed some of the strangest myths surrounding menstruation from around the world, including everything from attracting evil spirits to having to eat a whole hard-boiled egg 👻🥚.

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